Belden now offers multiple options to gain additional knowledge and training on Industrial Ethernet networks. Our traditional Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Training and Certification program remains, allowing you to earn a certification as a Specialist, Professional, or Engineer on the Hirschmann technologies.

In addition, there are now courses available that provide the essentials of networking. The Networking Essentials training is a condensed version of our courses that provide the necessary tools to understand the technology of the Ethernet.

Networking Essentials

Networking Essentials is a new set of training courses that provide both theory and practice in a condensed and focused manner. The courses are designed to provide the tools necessary to not only understand Ethernet technology, but also how to commission, manage and monitor infrastructure equipment. After attending, participants should have a better overall understanding of data transportation via Ethernet.

Hirschmann Training and Certification Program

Why a Certification?

Protect your industrial network against expensive downtime. Hirschmann certification training expands and validates your competency to build, maintain and troubleshoot for maximum uptime. You get up-to-the minute expertise in an interactive learning environment.

Who Can Become Certified?

Certification is specifically designed for individuals, not companies. Certification is especially recommended for network designers and administrators, who as employees or external service providers, are responsible for the availability of industrial networks. For a full list of certified professionals, click here.

What Types of Certification are Possible?

The Hirschmann Certification Scheme is divided into two distinct areas: General Technology Expertise (CT) and Specific Product Expertise (CP). Within each of these categories, three qualification levels are available:
  • Specialist - proves solid knowledge of the technology area or product;
  • Professional - displays a deeper understanding and application ability;
  • Engineer - demonstrates comprehensive expertise in the respective field or with the respective products.

The training pyramid depicts the Hirschmann Certification Scheme and the paths available for both Technology and Product expertise.

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